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One Call Simplicity

One Call SimplicityYour short-form 30-second radio spot is ready to broadcast, but how do you get it on the air? You have a great 60-second TV commercial, but how do you find the right national network for your audience?

Ready to air a long-form 1/2-hour television infomercial, but uncertain how to reach your audience? Interested in broadcasting your ministry's message, but feeling lost?

Don't fret, Radio Airtime is here to help! Using our years of expertise, we can place your television and radio segments for you at the best rates! Just bring us your media campaign and a budget* to work with, and we'll take it from there...

With just one phone call, you're "On the Air" with Radio Airtime! We go out of our way to make your campaign a success.


What We Do

Radio and television advertising can be extremely effective, but proper media planning and placement is essential to increase sales. That is exactly what Radio Airtime does for you and your product ~ no hype, just superior service and value!

By taking advantage of volume discounts, we help you obtain the best radio and television advertising rates for your commercials or paid programming.

Radio Airtime serves at no charge to you, the advertiser! Instead of charging you sales commissions, we receive compensation from the participating radio and television stations, which helps your advertising budget go farther.

We go beyond radio and television, Radio Airtime can assist you with everything from direct response marketing and infomercial advertising to classified advertising in newspapers and magazines.


Contact Us

You owe it to yourself and your business or ministry to give us a call! We can help market your product nationwide on television or radio... Radio Airtime can place your television and radio segments nationwide at the BEST rates--no market is too big or too small.

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